223 Products Found

    455,850 Parts & 302,389 Assemblies for CAN-AM, HONDA, SEA-DOO Data


    This is a parts and assemblies data set having 302,389 assemblies and 455,850 parts for CAN-AM, HONDA, and SEA-DOO. There are assemble, type, model, year and brand in each assemble record, and price, description,...

    1,800 Logo Images Database: Desc, Status & 2,419 Tags


    There are 1,800 logo records and 2,419 tags in this logo images database. Each logo record is comprised of title, description, as seen on, status and view. The logo images are keeped in the...

    103,195 Car Parts Data: Desc, Price, Made in & 335 Assemblies of 7 Brands


    In this car parts database, there are 103,195 records of 7 brands. Each record is comprised of description, part, price, mark, star, review count, part number, sub name, fcp euro number, quality, made in...

    4,697 Musical Instruments Data: Model, Price, SKU, Desc


    This is a musical instrument database with 4,697 records by 181 categories (such as Accordions, Horns, Batons, Cellos, Clarinets, Cowbells, Banjo, Cables, Recording Software, Audio Interfaces, Jazz Band, etc.). Each musical instrument is comprised...

    71 Skin Diseases Data: Alt & 1,140 Images


    In the skin diseases database, there are 1,140 skin disease images of 71 skin disorders. The table skin disease images contains alt of these diseases. The whole skin diseases database consists of 3 tables. Name n3zm_Image_of_skin_disease_medicinenet_com...

    11,348 Skin Disease Images Data: Desc, Copyright, Media Type


    In the skin disease database, there are 11,348 images records with title, description, image id, media type and copyright in each. The whole skin diseases images database consists of 2 tables. Name n3zm_Image_of_skin_disease_123rf_com Data...

    2,846 Airsoft Guns Database: Price, Brand, Desc, Weight, Image by 14 Categories


    This is a airsoft guns database having 2,846 records with price, brand, description, model, muzzle velocity, build material, weight, overall length, inner barrel, battery type, gearbox, magazine capacity and color by 14 categories, they...

    31,448 Motor OEM Parts Data: Riding Gear, ATV, Apparel, Accessories


    This motor production database has a total 31,448 records of apparel, riding gear & OEM accessories. All products are categorized into 10 types (apparel, OEM accessories, PWC, ATV, marine, offroad, snow, scooters, UTV, street)...

    Vehicles Data: ATV, Boat, Motorcycle, New, Used Car & RVS Camper


    This is a fields-rich and valuable vehicles database that includes 1,979 ATVs, 82,295 boats, 7,401 cars by year, 7,422 motorcycles, 25,224 new cars, 4,417 RVS camper and 15,243 used cars. There are title, condition, type, state, detail type, price, year, make, model, mileage, color,...

    932 Car Manuals Data: ISBN, UPC, Format, Language, Part NO. by Makes


    There are 932 records in this auto owners manuals database. All these cars are from 66 popular car makes (such as Volkswagen, Ford, Vauxhall, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, etc.). Each manual for car record is...

    43,173 JPN New Auto Parts Data: Make, Model, Price, 19,785 Images


    This is a new auto part and accessory database with 43,173 records of Japan. Each record is comprised of title, current price, reference number, condition, make, model, product name, chassis, registration, mileage,...

    20,175 Property Data: Price, Location, Desc, Detail, Image


    This is a property database with 20,175 records with title, price, location, description and per night price in each. It also contians 10,609 details of these houses. There are 59,184 house images in this data. The...

    4,755 Military Aircraft & Helicopter Models Data: Manufacturer, Desc, Image


    Database of aircraft models comes with 4,755 military aircraft and helicopter models records. Each record consists of title, description, item no and manufacturer. It also comes with 19,931 images in the 1.45G media package....

    America 1,350,981 Homes for Sale Data: Price, Address, Agent, Type, Sqft


    This homes for sale database is a simple one in structure but has large volume data with 1,350,981 records from 10 states (Washington, Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Falls Church, Rockville, Silver Spring, Fairfax, Maryland &...

    9,676 Historical Makers Data: Address, Inscription, Image by 72 Categories


    This is a historical makers database with 9,676 records. Each record has title, address, inscription, location, other nearby markers, erected by, regarding enterprise depot, additional keywords, also see, categories and credits. There...

    177,666 Used Vehicles Data: Mileage, Dealer, Address, Option, Image, Price, Tel.


    This is a fields-rich vehicles database with 177,666 records from thousands of dealers worldwide. Each vehicle is comprised of title, description, mileage, engine, transmission, fuel, fuel economy, dealer, telephone number, address etc....

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