Most Popular Datasets

    43,003 Auto Parts Database: Price, Spec, Part NO. by 30 Categories


    This is a fields-rich auto parts database of 43,003 records with title, price and part number, overview in each. All these car parts are classified by 30 categories, such as Air Compressors, Air Tanks...

    Medical Dictionary API: 100,666 Terms, Type, Definitions, Synonyms


    This comprehensive dictionary database contains over 100,000 medical terms with title, definitions, type and synonyms in each. All these terms are grouped by 27 letters in alphabetical order. The whole 100,666 medical terms dictionary...

    3,626,980 Auto Parts & 14,454 Accessories API: Detail, Type, Year, Image


    This auto parts database lists 3,626,980 auto parts and 14,454 accessories by 250 categories and 285,720 types of popular brands. In table car part, there are title, price and ships from record in each. The auto parts and...

    11,754,808 OEM Parts of Motorcycles API


    This motorcycle OEM(original equipment manufacture) parts database contains 1,473,219 motor parts by 9 well-known makes (Can-Am / Honda / KTM / Kawasaki / Victory / Suzuki / Sea-Doo / Polaris / Yamaha OEM parts)....

    17,688个菜谱数据库:步骤,食材 17,688 Recipes Data: Food Materials, Steps


    这是一个包含有17,688个菜品,菜系的菜谱大全。这些菜谱被分为以下6大类别:菜式菜品,菜系,时令食材,功效,场景和工艺口味。在每个菜谱记录中包含有标题,浏览次数,制作时间,准备时间,用餐人数,点赞人数,食物简介和小贴士。除此之外,在步骤表和食材表中分别包含有156,164个步骤和27,446食材记录。该菜肴数据库中还有170,526张图片,这些菜谱图片存储在8.81G菜谱媒体文件中。整个菜谱数据库共有10个表。 This is a recipes database with 17,688 records by 6 categories (dishes, style of cooking, seasonal ingredients, effect, scene and arts & tastes). Each recipe record consists of title, view times, make time,...

    US Yellow Pages 22.5 Million Businesses (Email, Phone, URL, Lat & Lon, Reviews)


    This is a continental B2B emails list / phone numbers book / business yellow pages dataset of 22,506,313 local businesses and companies in United States with 37 data fields: business name, phone numbers, business email, street address,...

    1899-2021 Auto Parts Catalog Data by Make, Year, Model, Engine / Trim (North America)


    This is an auto parts catalog data set with a total of 1,256,058 auto parts for the North America markets, including parts for models, engines, and trims of United States, Canada, and...

    19,641个菜谱:做法,主料数据库 19,641 Recipes Database: Cooking Method, Ingredients


    这是一个共包含有19,641个菜谱记录的数据库。每个菜谱记录中有标题,类型,做法,主料,配料,时间,难度,归属等。所有这些菜谱有以下8个分类,如:家常菜谱,孕妇食谱,儿童食谱,老人食谱,保健食谱,西餐美食,瘦身食谱和地方特色。该菜谱大全数据库共有3个表。 This recipes database is filled with 19,641 records by 8 categories (home-made recipes, pregnant women's recipes, children's recipes, elderly recipes, health recipes, Western cuisine, slimming recipes and local specialties). Each record is comprised...

    Global 20,594 Golf Courses Data: Detail, Address, Images of 11 Regions


    This is a comprehensive global golf courses database having 20,594 records with address in each from 11 regions. Besides, there are 18,757 golf course base records; 74,501 golf course details; 94,869 golf course information records and 173,079 golf course info details in...

    全国34省98,954医院数据库:类型,等级,电话,地址 China 98,954 Hospitals Data: Type, Level, Phone, Address in 34 Provinces


    全国34个省份的98,954家医院信息数据库。每家医院包含有医院类型,等级,所获荣誉,联系电话,地址,邮编,名称,所在地区等信息。整个全国医院信息数据库共有3个表。 From this China hospitals database, it has 98,954 hospitals from 34 provinces in China. Each hospital consists of type, hospital level, awards, telephone, address, zip code, name, location, etc. The whole China hospitals...

    全国33省2,256大学数据库: 排名, 专业, 类别数据库 China 2,256 Colleges Data: Ranking, Major, Category of 33 Provinces


    在这个中国大学排名信息数据库中共有来自全国33个省份的2,256所大学。每所大学的记录中有学校名称,排名,地区,类别,专业,人气值,院校类型,所在地,学历层次,招办电话,电子邮箱,通讯地址,招生地址等。该中国大学排名信息数据库共有3个表。 In the colleges database, there are colleges with 2,256 records from 33 provinces in China. Each record is comprised of college name, ranking, region, category, major, popularity, type of institution, location, educational level,...

    9类77,331个菜谱:做法数据库 77,331 Recipes Database: Cooking Method by 9 Categories


    该菜谱数据库中有77,331个记录。每个菜谱记录包含有标题,做法,发布时间和分类。所有这些菜谱被分为9个类别,如:家常菜,烘焙,汤,主食,菜系,美食diy,食补,人群和场景。整个菜谱数据库共有3个表。 This is a recipes database with 77,331 records categorized into 9 classifications. Each record is comprised of title, practice, release time and categories. The whole recipes database has 3 tables. Name n3_chennan_CS_caipu_meichubang_com Data 133.78M (+ 0B)...

    20,854汉字词典数据库: 基本字意, 统一码, 词性变化 20,854 Chinese Characters Dictionary Data: Basic Meaning, Unicode, Word-activity


    这是一个包含有20,854个汉字的词典数据库。每个汉字中有基本字义,统一码,词性变化,常用词典,康熙字典,说文解字,说文解字注,繁体,异体字,部首,结构,英语等。该汉字词典数据库共有6个表。 In this dictionary database, there are 20,854 Chinese character entries. Each Chinese character is comprised of basic meaning, unicode, word-activity, Kangxi dictionary, shuo wen jie zi, explanatory notes, traditional Chinese character,...

    US 18,139 Golf Courses Data: Architect Name, Address, Phone, Website


    This is a golf courses database of 18,139 records with title, address, phone number, score, vote, website, architect name and regulation length holes in each. All these golf courses are located in 6,564 regions...

    63,299 Motorcycles Parts Data: Model Parameters, Designer, Fitment, Part NO.


    This is a fields-rich motorcycles parts & accessories database with 63,299 records. Each part consists of title, model parameters, manufacturer part number, etc. All these motor parts have 24 primary categories and 362 sub-categories. The whole...

    中国233,481酒店信息数据库 China 233,481 Hotels w/ Image, Type by Province, Region Database


    该酒店数据库中有来自中国363多个地区的233,481个酒店信息记录,且包含有33个酒店类型, 2,998多张酒店图片和0个房间类型。该数据库共有9个表。 This China hotels database lists 233,481 records from 363 regions. There are 33 hotel types, 2,998 hotel images and 0 room types in the hotels data set. The whole database has 9 tables. Name n3zm_quanqiudutezhusu_booking_com_Accommodations Data 362.89M (+ 0B) Tables 9 (+ 0)...

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