General Books

    67,590 Books Data: ISBNs, Price, Format, Author, Publisher, Language


    In the books database, there are a total of 67,590 books ISBN numbers by 53 categories. Each record is comprised of book title, format, abaproduct price, ISBN 13, ISBN 10, publication date, publisher, pages...

    Books Database: Year, Type, Author, Publisher of 6 Types


    This books database lists 391 records with title, year, type, author, find on and publisher in each. These books are categorized into 6 types. The whole books data set has 4 tables. Name n3zm_Book_poets_org Data 528K (+...

    325,569 Books Database: ISBNs by Subjects


    This books database has 325,569 records with title, author, publication history label, ISBN, availability, subjects, formats, etc. in each. All these books are categorized into 11 subjects (the arts, education, English literature & culture,...

    Books Data: ISBN, Imprint, Price, Author, Image, Format by 10 Subjects


    This books database is filled with 335 records of 10 subjects (Biography & memoir, cookbooks, history, religion & inspiration, science fiction & fantasy, business, fiction, mystery, romance and self-improvement). Each book is comprised of...

    31,383 Books Database: ISBNs, Price, Pages, Language, Publisher by 21 Subjects


    In the books database, there are 31,383 records by 21 subjects. Each book is comprised of title, description, ISBN 10, ISBN 13, price, publisher, published and language. These 21 subjects are biography & autobiography books; body,...

    322,695 Books Data: ISBN, Format, Price, Author by 30 Subjects


    This books ISBN database has 322,695 unique books by 30 subjects. Each record is comprised of book title, author, price, format, description and ISBN-13. The whole books database consists of 5 tables. Name n3a2_waterstones_com Data 319.67M (+...

    147,276 Books Database: Author, ISBN, Publisher, Language, UPC, Subject


    This book database is filled with 147,276 records by 17 categories, such as Children's Books, Textbooks, Literature & Fiction, Crafts, Hobbies & Home, Bibles, etc. Each record is comprised of title, format, author, ISBN-13...

    214,991 Books of New, Used, Rare & Out-of-Print Data: ISBN, Author


    This is a books database with 214,991 records. All these books contain new book, used books, rare books and out-of-print books. Each book is comprised of title, description, author, price, format, isbn...

    2,169,422 Books Data of New, Used, Rare & Out-of-print: Author, ISBN, Image


    This is a list of 2,169,422 books of new, used, rare and out of print by 28 categories, such as Biography, Childrens, Home and Garden, Textbooks, Religion, etc. Each book is comprised of title,...

    59,452 Books Data: Subtitle, Series, Author, Format, ISBN by 11 Subjects


    In the books database, there are 59,452 records by 11 subjects. These subjects are The Arts, Education, English Literature and Culture, German Literature and Culture, History and Political Science, Law, Economics and Management, Linguistics,...

    Books Database: ISBN, Format, Price, Author, Publication Date of 9 Series & Images


    This books database has 704 records with title, description, isbn 13, pages, publication date, series, author, price and format in each. These books are classified by 9 series of NYRB Classics, NYR Children's Collection,...

    98,842 Books Data: ISBN, Price, Author, Publisher, Editions by 52 Categories


    This books database is filled with 98,842 unique books by 52 categories, such as architecture, bibles, cooking, drama, non-classifiable, etc. Each book is comprised of title, format, ISBN-13, author, price, ISBN-10, publisher, publication date,...

    310,988 Books & 119,320 Editions Database: Author, ISBN, Price, Publisher


    Comes with 310,988 books and 119,320 editions, this books ISBN database is a great one to help someone get the book they want. These books are classified into 52 categories, such as music, art, design, history,...

    54,256 Books Data: Author, Price, Format, ISBN, Image by Categories


    In the books database, there are 54,256 records with title, author, price, format & ISBN in each. All these books are classified into 54,256 categories, such as Academic New Arrivals, Business - Non -...

    25,288 Books Data: Author, Literary Awards, ISBN, Edition, Type


    In the books database, there are 25,288 records categorized into 954 classifications by subjects and times. Each record is comprised of book title, author, description, ISBN-10, ISBN-13, edition language, character, publisher, published date, number...

    662,182 Fiction, Non-fiction & Textbooks Data: ISBNs by Categories


    This is a books database with 662,182 records of fiction, non-fiction and textbook by 32 categories, such as general fiction, Language Arts, Literary Collections, Media, Music, Reference, etc. Each record is comprised of title,...

    82,819 Books Data: Author, Publisher, Format, ISBN, Language, Image


    In the books database, there are 82,819 records with title, description, author, ISBN, publisher, publication date, format, language, pages, etc. in each. All these books are categorized into 22 types, such as Art and...

    7,859 Books Data: Author, Type, Keyword, ISBN, Series by 23 Subjects


     In the books database, there are 7,859 unique ISBN-13 numbers by 23 subjects, such as African studies, biology, history, science, philosophy, etc. Each book is comprised of book title, author, type, description, subject,...

    2,987 New, Used, Rental Books & Textbooks API: Author, ISBN, Image


    In the books isbns database, there are 2,987 books and textbooks of new, used and rental by 29 categories, such as Arts & Photography, Children's Books, Entertainment, Medicine, Reference, etc. Each book has title,...

    226,002 Books & E-books Database: Title, Author, Price, Image, Publication


    This is a books and E-books database of 226,002 records by 50 categories, such as House & Home, Literary Collections, Nature, Reference, Sports & Recreation, Transportation, etc. Each record has title, author, publication date,...

    4,952,266 Books & 53,620 Authors Database: ISBNs, Publisher, Format


    This tremendous books database is filled with 4,952,266 records by 35 categories, such as Audio Books, Computing, Entertainment, Humour, Reference, Stationery, etc. Each book has title, ISBN, contributor, description, table of contents, review quote,...

    312,512 Photo Books Data: Author, ISBN, Size, Page, Tag, Category, Image


    This is a collection of professional-quality photo books for creative expressions of all kinds. The photo books data contains 312,512 unique photo books by 35 categories, such as Home & Garden, Fine Art, Business,...

    310,717 Books Database: ISBN, Format, Author, Price, Language by 52 Subjects


    There are 310,717 books with title, format, author, ISBN-13 number, ISBN-10 number, price, publisher, publication date, pages, language, etc. in each by 52 categories, such as Science, Self-help, Psychology, Philosophy, Music, etc. in this...

    45,285 Books Database: ISBN, Author, Format, Price


    The 45,285 books database is grouped by 16 categories and further classified by 98 sub-categories. Each book record is comprised of title, description, isbn, author, format and price. These 16 categories are art, photography and design; biography &...

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