17,750 Musical Instruments API: Model, Manufacturer, Pric, Feature


    This is a fields-rich musical instruments database with 17,750 records by 16 categories (Guit/Bass, Drums, Keys, Studio, Software, PA, Lighting, DJ, Microphones, Signal Proc., Brass, Traditional, Sheet, Cases, Cables & Accessories). Each record is...

    2,992,433 Songs Lyrics Database by 122,470 Artists


    This is a songs database comes With 2,992,433 records by 122,470 artists. Each song record has duration, lyric and written by. The whole songs data set has 3 tables. Name n3_lyz_lyrics_com Data 6.16G (+ 0B) Tables 3 (+...

    199,377 Song Lyrics Data by 23,489 Artists


    This song lyrics database contains 199,377 records with title and lyric content in each. It also inculdes 23,489 artists for these song lyrics. The whole song lyrics and artists database has 4 tables in total. Name...

    84,746 Songs Lyrics Data by 810 Artists


    In the songs lyrics database, there are 84,746 songs and 810 artists. Each song has title, time and lyric. The whole songs lyrics database has 4 tables. Name n3zm_Lyrics_lyricsfreak_com Data 174.70M (+ 0B) Tables 4 (+ 0) Columns...

    4,774 Songs Lyrics & 1,970 Albums Data by 735 Artists


    In the songs lyrics database, there are 4,774 songs lyrics and 1,970 albums by 735 artists. Each song has title, min, lyric, artist and artist description. In table album, there are title, year and artist fields....

    696,970 Songs Data: Lyric, Detail of 93,922 Albums by 25,454 Artists


    In the songs database, there are 696,970 records of 93,922 albums by 25,454 artists. Each song consists of detail information and lyric. The whole songs database totally has 5 tables. Name n3zm_Lyric_stlyrics_com Data 600.34M (+ 0B) Tables 5 (+ 0)...

    982,511 Song Lyrics Database by 189,842 Artists


    This is a song lyrics database of 982,511 records with title and content in each. All these songs are created by 189,842 artists. These artists are grouped into 27 categories by alphabetical order. This millions of...

    11,531 Songs Lyrics Data by 472 Artists


    This is a songs lyrics database with 11,531 records. Each record has title, year and lyric text. In table artist, it has 472 records with title, gener and category. Name n3zm_Lyric_metrolyrics_com Data 20.66M (+ 0B)...

    34,870 Song Lyrics Data by 2,700 Artists


    This songs database contains 34,870 records with title and lyric text in each. There are 2,700 artists of these songs with total lyric, category in each. The whole songs database has 4 tables. Name n3zm_Lyric_lyricsmode_com Data...

    482,175 Songs Data: Lyric Content, Song Duration, Album by 55,996 Artists


    In the songs database, there are 482,175 records by 55,996 artists. Each song is comprised of lyric content, song duration, album, original release date and total views. The whole songs by artists database totally...

    564,719 Songs Data: Lyric, Writer & 51,583 Albums by 11,504 Artists


    This is a rich-fields songs database with 564,719 records by 11,504 artists. Each record has title, lyric and writer. There are 51,583 albums in this data. The whole songs database has 6 tables in total. Name n3zm_Lyric_azlyrics_com Data...

    258,767 Songs Data: Writer, Featuring, Lyric by 388 Artists


    This is a rich songs database with 8,091 records. Each record has title, writer, featuring and lyric. There are 388 artists related with these songs in this data. The whole songs database has 4 tables in...

    4,444 Music Instruments Database: Price, Overview, Feature


    In the music instruments data, there are 4,444 records by 16 categories (bass guitars, drums & percussion, keyboards & midi, DJ gear, lighting & stage effects, guitars etc.). Each instrument has title, price, overview,...

    2,072 Music Instruments Data: Brand, Price, SKU, UPC, Feature, Image, Spec


    The instruments database lists 2,072 music instruments and 5,375 instruments images with 471 specifications. Each instrument has title, card title, brand, price without tax, sku, upc, price rrp, etc. All these musical instruments are classified into 4 categories,...

    1,483 Instruments for Sale Data: Price, Content, Feature, Image by 5 Types


    This is a instruments database containing 1,483 records with price, content text and features in each. These instruments are categorized into 5 types and further into 22 categories. It also comes with 2,139 instrument images in the 1.08G...

    262 Music Instruments Database: Price, Spec, Desc, Image


    In the instruments database, there are 262 records by 6 primary categories (pianos, guitars, woodwind, strings, brass & drums). Each record is comprised of title, description, spec and price. It includes music instrument images...

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