Top Data Sets

    US Yellow Pages 22.5 Million Businesses (Email, Phone, URL, Lat & Lon, Reviews)


    This is a continental B2B emails list / phone numbers book / business yellow pages dataset of 22,506,313 local businesses and companies in United States with 37 data fields: business name, phone numbers, business email, street address,...

    1899-2021 Auto Parts Catalog Data by Make, Year, Model, Engine / Trim (North America)


    This is an auto parts catalog data set with a total of 1,256,058 auto parts for the North America markets, including parts for models, engines, and trims of United States, Canada, and...

    Global 21,179 Golf Courses Data: Detail, Address, Images of 10.3K Cities


    This is a comprehensive global golf courses database having 21,179 records of 10.3K cities from 17 regions. Each record is comprised of address, description, holes, par, length, policies, rental service, practice instruction, ratings count, recommended count,...

    US Car Parts & OE Numbers Database 1985-2021 by Make, Year, Model, Engine, Brand, Categories


    This is the latest (1985 to 2021) and most comprehensive United States auto parts database for your auto parts software, app, or website, with 521,648 parts by 37 years, 1,608 makes, 17,299 models, 41,064 submodels or trims, 63,076 engines, and 217 manufacturer brands. Parts...

    1,818类193,071食谱数据库:成分,操作说明,介绍 193,071 Recipes API: Introduce, Ingredient, Instr. by 1,818 Categories


    这是一个食谱大全,共有193,071个菜谱,每个菜谱包含有介绍,得分,标签,成份和操作说明。这些食谱被分为1,818个大类。该菜谱数据库共有5个表。 This recipes database has 193,071 records by 1,818 categories. Each recipe is comprised of introduce, score, tag, ingredient and instruction. In the 5.66G media set, there are 52,420 files of these food images. There are 5 tables in the whole recipes...

    US 16,862 Golf Courses API: Address, Zip, Email, Phone, Fax in 8,341 Cities


    This golf courses database contains 16,862 records in 8,341 cities of the United States. Each record is comprised of course, city, description, state, address, zip, county, email, website, phone, fax, classification, year built, annual...

    603,704 Recipes Data: introduce, Ingredients, Nutritional, Image by 7 Categories


    In the recipes database, there are 603,704 records with title, mark, star, introduce, ratings, minutes to prepare, minutes to cook, number servings, ingredients, direction and nutritional info in each. All these recipes are grouped into 7 categories and they...

    12,332 Poems Data: Content, Themes by 2,960 Poets


    This is a poems database with 12,332 records by 2,960 poets. Each record is comprised of content, publish date, occasions, themes and form. In table poet, there are description, birth date and death date....

    Collins English Dictionary Data: 342,813 Words by 7,094 Categories


    This is a comprehensive Collins English dictionary database with 342,813 records by 7,094 categories. Each record is comprised of word, letter & category. In addition to this, there are 4 tables mostly related with...

    5,049,667 Books & 55,494 Authors Database: ISBNs, Publisher, Format


    This tremendous books database is filled with 5,049,667 records by 59 categories, such as Folklore & Mythology, General Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literature, etc. Each book has title, ISBN, contributor, description, table of contents, review quote,...

    34,249 Parts for Automobiles & Motorcycles Data: Price, Spec, Image


    This is a automobiles and motorcycles parts database with 34,249 records by 13 categories, such as motorcycle fairings, motorcycle brakes, motorcycle wheels & tires, motorcycle lighting, theft protection, etc. Each record is comprised of...

    European 389,803 Motorcycle Parts Data by Model, Brand, System, Images


    This is a motorcycle part database having 389,803 parts records with part number, pric and replace part number in each of European market. From the motor parts database, there are 14 brands; 4,728 model records with brand...

    849,728 Quotes Data: 14,898 Topics by 29,528 Authors


    This quotes database has 849,728 famous quotes records of 14,898 topics by 29,528 authors. Each record consists of the quote and the author. In the table author, there are profession, nationality, born and die fields in each....

    944,313 Textbooks ISBN API: Edition, Format, Publisher by 131,262 Authors


    This is a textbooks database with 944,313 records by 131,262 authors. Each textbook is comprised of textbook title, author, publisher, publication date, book edition, format, ISBN-13 and ISBN-10, pages, summary, description, etc. All these textbooks are classified...

    US & Canada 347,543 Churches Data: Emails, Address, Denomination, Longitude and Latitude


    This is a churches database having 347,543 records over 147,703 cities of 2,938 states in the United States and Canada. Each record is comprised of address, zip code, denomination, state, city, phone number, email, website, lat,...

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