Though many marketing experts take email marketing as an old-fashioned tool to generate leads but it is still effective. According to Barilliance, the email CTR is 15.22% in 2021 that was only 8.31% in 2016. Similarly, the current open rate and CTOR of emails are 43.76% and 19.92%, respectively. These figures undoubtedly show the efficacy of email marketing campaigns.

Withal, having a complete US business email list in hand is not everything. Likewise, if you get a complete US B2B email list from a reliable dataset vendor like Usable Databases but without following the proper lead generation practices, you can’t get appropriate ROI and sales. Therefore, the primary purpose of this article is to share a detailed guide about how to get fresh leads with a complete email dataset.

What is Lead Generation in Email Marketing?

Email lead generation is a method marketers or enterprises use to engage businesses and customers towards their goods and services. Lead generation also enables the companies to engage the potential customers by providing all necessary details and web addresses of their services or products. This strategy helps them to improve conversation rates and get successful sales.

Best Practices to Get Fresh Email Leads

Here are the best practices that marketers and businesses can use to get and increase email lead generation:

1. Use Catchy Subject Lines

Although it is a famous quote that ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but in reality, people perceive things from their outer look or first expression. In this regard, first of all, you shouldn’t keep the subject line empty. Secondly, it should be catchy to attract the target audiences. Basically, a subject line decides whether the recipient of the email will open your mail or not.

It is better to keep your subject line engaging and concise. According to marketing experts, the length of your subject line should be from 30 to 50 characters. It has also been noticed that the subject lines with less than 50 characters have a 75% more CTR and a 12% higher email open rate than lengthy titles. Similarly, sales teams should have to be very creative while writing subject lines. They should avoid overused words and phrases. Your subject line should be appealing with some value and promise.

Howbeit, the nature of subject lines varies from industry to industry. But it should be captivating enough to influence target customers to open and read your emails.

2. Design Entrancing Email Templates

To generate leads, the use of appropriate email templates matters a lot. Your email template should be concise because lengthy templates wouldn’t deliver the exact massage. By the same token, you should use simple fonts and phrases to convey your offers to target audiences seamlessly. Though numerous email templates are available online but it is better to go with custom-built templates to leave a benchmark in customers’ minds.

To make your custom build email template more engaging, you should include the following items in it:

  • Your email template must have all contact details at the end of the mail.
  • It is good to include some images, GIFs or visual content in your template.
  • Use professional and simple looking fonts, company logo and colour scheme.
  • Your template should be compatible with different screens, including tablets, mobiles and desktops.
  • Add convenient CTA buttons in your email template.
  • Don’t forget to add an unsubscribe link in your template because many countries have anti-spam laws against promotional mails.

3. Utilize Lead Scoring Approach

Lead scoring is one of the most effective email marketing methodologies that sales teams use to prioritize their leads. In lead scoring, marketers rank the target customers based on their engagement in particular products or services. This approach is usually integrated with email automation to influence the right person with the right marketing strategy.

In other words, lead scoring enables the marketers to give preference to the email recipients who positively respond. This approach also helps them to provide customized discounts and offers to these privileged businesses or individuals to turn them into loyal customers.

4. Use Email Automation

Email automation is typically associated with a predesigned set of actions that helps to send personalized and particular emails to customers according to their behaviours. Email automation is definitely playing a great role in the digital marketing world because it works 24/7 and overcomes the sales team's workload.

Email automation doesn’t only save the time of marketing teams by sending error-free, personalized and timely emails to target audiences but also increase brand awareness. Indeed, email automation keeps sending messages to customers who are interested in your services but not ready to purchase them right now. With the assistance of drip campaigns, marketers can also increase the advantages of email automation. Similarly, it saves the cost of hiring staff to track customers and send quick responses.

This tool also generates reports and other statistical data to analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns. The following email automation tools can help the marketing personnel to get fresh leads:

HubSpot — To create automated emails effectively, HubSpot is definitely a good tool. With more than 128,000 global customers, it is easy to utilize HubSpot’s email automation tool. You just need to follow a simple drag and drop guide to automate an email.

Drip — It is another tool to automate your email campaign that 30,000+ customers have trusted. Email automation, segmentation, and reports also supports easy integration for platforms like Facebook, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Mailchimp — Mailchimp is another trusted name among email marketing and automation services. Mainly, it could be a perfect choice if you are a startup or SME because of its free and reasonable plans.

Benchmark Email — With a user-friendly dashboard and interface, Benchmark Email is also a considerable choice to automate email campaigns. With its free plan, you can send around 250 automated emails to contacts. For a paid plan, its monthly charges start from $13/month.

5. Avoid Using ‘No-Reply’ Email Addresses

As a recipient, it always feels annoying when you cannot answer emails that come into your inbox. This thing becomes more important when it comes to promotional emails. To build good relations with targeted customers, it is vital to avoid ‘no-reply’ email addresses.

These email addresses not only lose the conversation rate but also decrease customers' trust in a particular brand. There are also strong possibilities that such mails would be dropped into the spam box by recipients.

6. Choose the Right Time

Probably unseasoned marketing experts don’t consider this point very serious, but it matters. Yes, according to the B2B email marketing experts, the selection of time and day is crucial while sending promotional mail to generate leads. Normally, Tuesday is considered the best day of the week to send emails because of the high open and click rate.

On the other hand, if we talk about the right time of sending B2B or B2C emails, then 10 am is the perfect choice because of its high click-through graph. Withal, the mailing time could vary from industry to industry or client to client. You can also use your experiences while making this decision about the time selection.

7. Keep Email Content Concise & Likeable

Lengthy and invaluable content doesn’t generate leads because businesses and individuals don’t have time to read them nowadays. That is why email marketers should keep their email content to the point and engaging. To enhance the value of your emails, you can add animations or different visuals instead of adding more text because a picture is worth a thousand words.

8. Include Strong Call to Action (CTA)

Digital marketing and sales teams should include a solid call to action (CTA) button in every mail to turn leads into sales. It has been seen that usually, customers have purchase confusion and decision fatigue, but CTA helps to destroy these confusions.

In this regard, you can use text like ‘Avail Our Current Discount’, ‘Try Our Service for Free’ or ‘Experience Our Product for Free’ for these CTA buttons. The text and background colour of these call-to-action buttons should also be picked wisely.

9. Link Landing Pages

It is also a myth that campaigns that want traffic for their websites should only attach their websites with emails. But in actuality, all kinds of email marketing campaigns should include the landing pages to give more details of a product or service to target audiences.

Though you can also integrate different tracking tools to know how many people are clicking on your landing pages. But make sure that the safety of the target customer shouldn’t be compromised.

10. Design Mobile Friendly Mails

More individuals open their emails on mobile phones compared to the desktop. Yes, eMailMonday shares that 61.9% of people open their emails on mobile phones and 9.8% open them on desktop. Therefore, the template, design and text of your email should be mobile friendly. So, the potential client would be able to read it easily without any disturbance.

This guide simply shares the best practices on how you can get fresh leads with our complete US business email list. Marketing agencies and businesses can use them to turn their leads into sales. These suggestions are practical for all kinds of email databases.