Are you a marketer and looking for US-based business details to get leads? Or an app developer who wants to use a U.S. business phone numbers database to fetch data for your app users? But unable to find a complete collection of United States business phone numbers, then you must read this article. 

This article is going to present reliable databases and resources to obtain business details, including phone numbers from all states of America. Here we go: 

  1. Kaggle

Under the umbrella of Google, Kaggle is one of the finest data science and machine learning communities that was launched in 2010. It is seamless to find a variety of open-source data under its ‘datasets’ section. To find a complete collection of US-based business phone numbers, you will have to write your query in the search box, and this platform will offer you numerous results and datasets to download. 

Similarly, if it is hard to get all business genre datasets here under one file, you can combine a variety of dataset files. Likewise, you can categorize the businesses contact credentials and then can merge their phone numbers in a single file. Surely, it is entirely free to fetch data from this subsidiary of Google. 

  1. The Data Planet

The Data Planet is another trusted name to get distinct kinds of data. You can precisely find the phone numbers of all businesses that are operating in the United States on The Data Planet. Its ‘US Business Yellow Pages Dataset’ contains all necessary details of 22.5 million US companies. This dataset includes 99.97% phone numbers of the listed businesses. In simple words, you will find around 16,436,015 exclusive phone numbers of the United States’ companies here. 

Although this dataset is not free like Kaggle but luckily, it provides the most accurate data to developers and marketers to successfully run their projects. This data vendor doesn’t only regularly update the data but also permits the users to fetch data into different formats, including plain CSV, Excel, XML, PDF and much more. 

  1. Crunchbase

Crunchbase is a California-based company that was made public in 2007. It is an authoritative name when it comes to getting the contact details of private and government companies. Indeed, it is also convenient to use any premium solution of Crunchbase to access the complete collection of US business phone numbers. 

In this regard, Crunchbase Pro could be more effective because it confers verified contact details and monitors around 100,000 businesses. Though you can try it for free but its monthly charges start from $49. Moreover, the known giants like Honda, Reuters and Samsung also rely on the data of Crunchbase. 

  1. Data Axle Reference Solutions

If you are looking for a verified dataset of US business entities, then Data Axle Reference Solutions is also a notable name in our list. Data Axle has been serving the B2B marketing and data research sector for more than 45 years. Yes, it was launched in 1972 and initially was known as ReferenceUSA. 

With more than 350 business attributes, it provides the contact details of 75 million+ companies. The use of the most advanced data mining technologies and artificial intelligence enables this vendor to provide real-time data with an excellent accuracy rate. It also mentions the US businesses that change their address, phone numbers, and further details on its official website. 

  1. Library of Congress

Whether you are old school and looking for phone directory books or getting old records is a requirement of your project, then you must visit the Library of Congress. This government resource is open for everyone, and you can find ‘U.S. Telephone Directory Collection’ in online text, PDF and print formats here. Lamentably, it only owns a dataset of US business phone numbers from 1900 to 1999. But yes, it could be a valuable resource for many ventures. 

  1. Google Business

Nowadays, almost every US company has a representation on Google Business with all necessary contact details. Therefore, if you want to get a fresh collection of United States’ business phone numbers, then you can also use a web scraping approach to make your own dataset. With this approach, you wouldn’t only have your own created data list but also save lots of money that data vendors charge. 

  1. Dial a Human

Dial a Human is also one of the excellent places to explore phone numbers of various departments of US businesses. It is basically a simple website where marketers or developers can alphabetically find phone numbers of different American companies. It also categorizes the businesses according to their genres. You can find business segments like Automotive, Hardware, Internet, Travel, Utilities and much more on the left side of the web page vertically. 

This data source has a clear edge over its competitors because it guides the users on what they need to press to talk with a real presentative of the company instead of the robot. 

  1. DatabaseUSA

DatabaseUSA is also a good database to get a complete list of business phone numbers. As it is clear from the name, this platform grants a variety of US-centric data for B2B leads and telemarketing. You can get all the details of around 15 million U.S. businesses and classify the companies into different sectors. In short, this triple-verified dataset could also be a good choice to get the phone numbers of American enterprises and SMEs. 

  1. WhitePages

To find phone numbers of different U.S. companies manually, you can also go with WhitePages. It is not a good place to find people, but you can also easily explore authentic details of businesses here within a few clicks. You just need to click on ‘Phone Search’ to get phone details. By the way, the use of web scraping could also be beneficial here. 

  1. Manta

Manta is also a credible small business directory where you can find a comprehensive set of U.S. business phone numbers. In this regard, users just need to use their search box section. According to the Manta, 16,279,718 U.S. companies are listed on their platform. 

In brief, this article shares one of the best resources to get a complete US business phone numbers dataset. However, it is recommended to pick the most suitable and reasonable options according to your project’s requirements. 



If you are not satisfied with the above options, you can always get the complete list of US Business Phone Numbers on DataSN.