B2B marketing approaches are getting popular among businesses at a rapid pace. A recent forecast of Statista claims that the international B2B trade show market will reach 40.1 billion USD by 2023. It was 34.4 billion USD in 2018. So, it is easy to evaluate the growth. 

With other lead generation and marketing tactics, B2B email marketing has a significant role in boosting the local and global B2B trades. However, your B2B email list must consist of quality and updated data to turn your leads into sales. In this regard, it is essential to make sure that the B2B email list you’re about to buy contains verified data, but it is challenging to inspect data before purchase. Withal, this guide shares all possible steps to help you buy verified and workable B2B email data. 

Things to Consider Before Buying B2B Email List 

Only Buy Data from A Trusted Provider 

First of all, it is crucial to buy an email database from a well-reputed company. To analyze the credibility of B2B email list providers, you can read the feedback of their existing customers, their experience in this particular field and what strategies they are using to fetch data. B2B email list buyers can also thoroughly read their privacy policy page and even can chat with their sales representative to judge how they treat their customers. 

Moreover, customers should also inquire whether this database uses web scraping techniques to gather data or utilize data mining. Although both data collection approaches have their own pros and cons but you should pick one that suits your project. 

Choose Reliable Database 

It doesn’t mean that everything will go well because you are buying a B2B email list from a trusted vendor. Indeed, the selection of the right database also matters a lot. To wisely choose the database, you need to avoid ‘all-purpose’ or ‘one file fits all’ kinds of B2B email data. In the same token, you should only buy email lists that are niche-oriented and can be customized according to the requirements of the buyer. 

Ask for A Sample 

Whether you are buying a B2B email list from a notable company or a new data provider, it is undoubtedly unfeasible to scrutinize email data before the purchase. So, it is better to ask for a sample. It is necessary to ensure the credibility of the email list. To verify the B2B email list sample, you can consider the following courses of action: 

  • It is convenient to check what kind of data email list consists of with a sample in hand. Businesses should verify that the list has a confirmable contact number, deliverable email address, contact name, city, state, country and further smart details.[Text Wrapping Break] 
  • Make sure that the B2B email sample contains the titles or positions of email recipients to whom you are going to contact to turn a lead into a sale.[Text Wrapping Break] 
  • The size of the company, number of employed staff, revenue and its current funding activity should also be a part of the sample.[Text Wrapping Break] 
  • You can test the sample by sending mails to get some idea of the deliverability ratio. Also, to investigate the response time of target businesses.[Text Wrapping Break] 
  • In the end, the email list provider should also have to agree that the actual database must have all things that the sample accommodates. 

Avoid Free or Cheap Email Databases 

It is mandatory to avoid free and cheap databases to conduct your B2B email marketing ventures successfully. Most of these cheap email lists include outmoded and worthless data with poor delivery and response rate. 

It is easy to understand when an email vendor invests resources for data mining or web scraping to collect data. Their experienced teams classify the B2B email data into different segments according to their genres. Then how could they offer such good quality email data for free or at cheap rates? Hence, it is easy to sense why quality data solutions are not cheap. 

Look Into Refund Policy 

Blindly buying a B2B email list from a renowned company after having a good sample or because of their high quotes is not everything to ensure the validity of your data. There are still a few things that must be checked, and a money-back guarantee or refund policy is one of them. 

Yes, before buying an email list, you must visit the refund policy page of your vendor and try to examine on what conditions they are offering a refund. Typically, good vendors confer a 30 days refund policy if you are not satisfied with the B2B email marketing results. Howbeit, different email list providers work on different conditions, and you can go with the ones that fit you best. 

Frequency of Updates & Scrutiny 

The credibility of a B2B email list also depends on how frequently it is scrutinized and updated by the vendor. Well-known companies usually mention these details as an honour on their main pages because businesses modify their contact credentials timely. To always use verified and accurate B2B email lists, it is vital to know how frequently your vendor updates the list and conducts audits. 

According to the email marketing experts, it is better to use databases that are updated within 3 months. In such a manner, to run your B2B email campaign with high profits and ROI, it is better to go with more frequency of audits and updates. On the contrary, you should not proceed with any deal if the vendor doesn’t upgrade the list within an appropriate passage of time. 

Use of Email Verification Tools 

To verify the email list, you can also benefit from email verification tools. Although these tools could only be utilized after the purchase of the list but you can also experience them on the sample data list. However, it is recommended to use a GDPR compliant, risk-free and easy to integrate email verification tool. 

Hopefully, this article will assist our readers in making wise decisions while buying a B2B email list with verified data.